Turning 30? Get Rid of These 6 Things

You’re finally an adult, so it’s time your apartment started looking like it! Before you turn the big 3-0, there are certain things that shouldn’t be haunting your place like the ghost of bad decisions past. It’s time to put away childish things and start embracing your maturity.

1. Posters

That iconic poster of Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon album may have looked cool on your wall in your 20s, but its wrinkled edges and push pin hanging job don’t scream style. You can frame it if you want to keep it. The same applies to photographs. Generally, if anything is on the wall, it needs to be framed. On the topic of photography, get fashionable frames which fit the aesthetic of the room.

2. Fake Plants

After three decades in this world, you are responsible enough to nurture a living plant. Get rid of those nasty plastic pretenders – there’s something inherently tacky about them and living plants bring so much more to the atmosphere, including oxygen and fragrance. If you’re not green-thumbed, get a succulent as they don’t require much maintenance.  

3. Plastic Furniture/Plates/Glasses

Unless you throw regular garden parties, get rid of any plastic. When it comes to plastic furniture, you know it’s not adding to the aesthetic of any room. At the age of 30, you can treat yourself and buy some valuable, quality pieces.

4. Cheap Bedding/Towels

Your bedroom should not have a mattress on the floor covered in only a cheap sheet. There are many affordable options when it comes to bedding and towels. These kinds of items add greatly to the overall character of your apartment, and also to your mood as a whole. Who doesn’t like a great big fluffy towels and comfy bedding to sleep in?

5. Futon

Ah, the futon. Practically every kid in college has one. But you’re not in college anymore! If you often have family and friends stay the night, then invest in a proper sleeper sofa – much more appealing than a saggy futon.

6. Bare Floors/Bad Rugs

A good rug sets the aesthetic of the room, ties in the décor and creates a level of comfort. Don’t just settle for the cheapest one or hand-me-downs. Find something that makes the room better overall.

Turning 30 is a landmark year. It’s also time to make sure your living space is as mature and professional as you are. With these helpful tips, that will be a breeze.