Tips to Save on Utilities in Your New Apartment Home

Paying bills is not fun for anyone. They come around relentlessly every month, tugging at your paycheck. Utilities often take a big bite out of your budget. Below are some suggestions that can lower your utility bills, and help the environment.

1. Energy Efficient Bulbs

When you move into your new place, replace all regular bulbs with energy efficient ones, such as light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs or compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) bulbs. Both have a longer life than their traditional counterparts so you won’t have to change them as often, and they save you cash thanks to their efficiency.

2. Air Filters

If you have dirty air filters, your air conditioning system has to work harder to do the same job, costing you more money. Make sure to regularly change your air filters. It’s also important to pick a high quality product over a cheaper one.

3. Insulate

You need your apartment home to be insulated for both summer and winter, as one of the culprits of a high energy bill is lack of insulation. Having proper insulation, weather stripped and sealed windows and doors can save you hundreds of dollars a month.

4. Programmable Thermostat

Having a thermostat that is programmable is not only convenient, it also saves you a great deal of money. Be energy efficient by setting the temperature reasonably and ensuring you’re not heating or cooling an empty home.

5. Be Mindful of Water

Conserving water is a great way to get a little bang for your buck. Make sure your dishwasher and washing machine are full before you run them, turn down your water temperature and take showers instead of baths. It is also important to fix any leaks or drips; these can cost you a lot.

6. Power Strips

One thing that people often forget is any electronic device that is plugged in is going to be a drain on your electricity, even if it’s in sleep mode. Plug appliances into a power strip so you have more control over what is connected. There are even smart strips that automatically turn off when they sense electronics are not in use.

7. Be Attentive

Finally, be vigilant. Turn lights off, open and shut windows to assist with temperature, and turn off ceiling fans when you don’t need them.

Paying bills isn’t so painful when you save lots of money. Implement all of the above and you’re sure to start saving.