Things You Can’t Change About Your Apartment

If you choose apartment living, you have to accept that there are certain limitations when it comes to your interior design and how many changes you’re able to make. When apartment hunting, be sure to have a conversation with the building manager or relator about how much freedom you will have.  Some places may be more open to alterations.

If you’re a budding interior decorator, you might be able to find a place that is more lenient so you can express your creativity. There should also be details in the lease, but if you manage to get some things approved, get them in writing for future reference. Just to be on the safe side, be sure to discuss any prospective changes with your building manager before you implement them.

When it comes to your apartment, you are generally not allowed to change the following:

1. The Terms of Lease

A lease is a legally binding contract and should be treated as such. If there are changes, then you need to request them before you sign. Landlords are likely to be reasonable if you are.

2. Floors

The floors in an apartment are pretty much there for life, so make sure you like them! You can always use rugs, and depending on the building, you may be able to add interlocking flooring or carpet tiles.

3. Appliances

If your apartment comes with appliances, chances are these are the ones you will keep. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it saves you the money and stress from having to find, install and maintain them yourself. If the appliances are near their end or not efficient, you may be able to strike a deal to buy a new item if you can prove that it will save money on electricity. This is dependent on your situation, and often you will find the building will take charge of these decisions.

4. General Fixtures

These include cupboards, toilets, sinks, baths, showers and more. Although you have always dreamed of an elegant clawfoot tub, you’ll have to wait until you have a place of your own to install one.  

5. Doors

Doors are part of the structure of the space and won’t be able to be changed. The same applies for walls.

Remember, each situation is unique. There is no harm in asking your landlord what bounds you have for alterations. It can make all the difference to your home and your happiness.