Things You Can Change In Your Apartment

Some people move into an apartment and are happy with it as is, with a few additions for comfort and style. Others want to make their new space into a home and fully show their character and taste. This can be a difficult balance since you might be limited as to what you can do in terms of décor in an apartment home. This varies based on the organization that owns the property.

If you’re in doubt, always check with your building manager. The last thing you want to do is cause an issue when you leave. Generally, you can alter the following:

1. Paint

Most organizations and landlords will approve the painting of an apartment, though you may have to paint it back to its original color before you leave.  Get the agreement in writing just to be safe.

Changing the color of a space is one of the most effective ways to transform your apartment and add your own style to each room. It also helps to create separation and illusions of space if your home has an open floor plan. A hint or splash of color, even just to crown molding or a single wall, helps with the overall aesthetic and mood of your apartment.   

2. Wallpaper

You sometimes can indeed wallpaper your apartment! There are certain rental-friendly wallpapers that are made to be easily removed and don’t leave a trace. It is a little more expensive than its permanent counterpart, but there are many beautiful designs, adding individuality to your apartment. You can even use it to create a cool backsplash.

3. Flooring

Flooring is another vital piece in the design puzzle. You might want to add a few accent rugs in contrasting colors or patterned floor cloths. You could also install interlocking tiles or carpet – depending on your building and its rules.

4. Window Treatment

Some apartments require you keep the original window treatments, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t add to them. If you have blinds or shades you could layer drapery in front to add some drama and elegance.

5. Cupboards

You can alter the handles on kitchen cupboards to update them, or you may even be able to update or paint cabinet doors with your building manager’s approval.

6. Bathroom

Your bathroom can benefit from a few simple updates, including a new shower curtain, rail, faucets and shower head.