How to Turn Your Living Room into a Yoga Studio

Having a yoga studio in your apartment home might appear a little overambitious, but creating a relaxing space to practice yoga in isn’t actually that difficult. By making a few simple changes, your living room will be Zen in no time. Here are a few tips to make your space every yogi’s dream – tranquil and the perfect place to unwind in.


Meditation requires having a de-cluttered mind, so make your living room reflects this also. Professional yoga studios have only a few items for decoration. Anything that is not functional or visually pleasing should go. Having a blank canvas will be a great help to your yoga.

Lighting and Space

Ideally, you’re looking for space with lots of natural lighting and a real wooden floor. This will bring you as close to imitating nature as possible. If another room in your apartment has this, choose that room as your studio.


For the walls, choose colors that evoke a calm and serene atmosphere. You don’t want any designs or patterns that demand too much attention, so stay away from bold colors. Warm, muted palettes are best. Experiment with what complements your energy and style. You’ll also want to consider the aroma. Choose natural scents in the form of candles and oils. Be sure to have some foliage and plants around to provide additional oxygen, as well as decoration.


The great thing about yoga is that you need very little to do it. That being said, don’t scrimp on the stuff you do need. Purchase a good quality mat that will support you and a mirror to help with your form. Find a YouTube channel, read some literature or purchase a DVD for further instruction if you’re not a master Yogi yet.

Simple yet Stunning Decoration

Less is more. You’ll want beautiful decorations that will contribute to the overall aesthetic, but you won’t want an overload of décor. Try to find a few impressive pieces of art, statues or ornaments to serve as focal points and tie the décor together. Keep it simple, organic and elegant.

With these helpful tips, you’ll have the perfect oasis to practice your Downward Facing Dog. Good luck, yogis!