How to Reduce Allergens in Your Apartment Home

Having allergies is miserable, no doubt about it. Although medication can help, you can also stop those sniffles by being smarter when it comes to your apartment home. Taking special precautions and changing old habits can make a huge difference in your life. Implement these top tips for an allergy-free lifestyle!

Darn Dust Mites

Eliminating dust mites from your home will make a huge difference. Use a damp, lint free cloth or a small handheld vacuum and clean your apartment from top to bottom. Be sure to include blinds and hard to reach places like ceiling fans and baseboards. It can also be helpful to wash your sheets regularly and invest in allergy relief pillows and sheets.

Remember to Ventilate

If you have fans in your bathroom or over the stove, use them. If not, invest in some (remember to speak to your property manager beforehand). Keep the fans on after you have finished cooking and showering so they can do their job.

Don’t Forget Your Floors (and Walls)

You need to clean the floors of your apartment home regularly, whether it’s tile, hardwood or linoleum. Carpets are a major trap for allergens, so vacuum too. Don’t neglect your walls either. Dust can often gather in baseboard grooves and corners, so be sure to wipe these areas down often.

Keep Your Furry Friend Well-Groomed

Your pets can’t help if they shed, but if you keep them well-groomed, you won’t have to suffer as badly. Brush and bathe them regularly.

Replace your Filters

All kind of things can build up in your filters. Even if you don’t have allergies, you should replace them regularly. If they haven’t been replaced since you moved in, speak to your property manager and have maintenance take a look. When picking a new filter, find High-Efficiency Particle Absorbing (HEPA) that get rid of more than 99 percent of all particles.

Stay on Top of the Laundry

Your laundry pile is a magnet for allergens, so stay on top of it. If it’s not your favorite chore, have a hamper that closes and keep it in the closet. You can also opt for anti-allergy laundry detergent.

Close Your Windows and Doors

When spring comes, you may be tempted to open all your windows and doors to let the sunshine in. Just remember when you do that, you’re letting all the pollen in too. If spring is when your allergies are at their worst, try to keep your apartment sealed up until the season passes.

Allergies are not fun. But if you take these steps to help keep your apartment home allergen free, your nasal passages will be sure to thank you.