How to Hang Things on Your Wall

After the stress of moving into your new apartment home, it’s finally time for the fun part – decorating! Decorating gives you the opportunity to not only create a stylish space but also to inject your identity into your home. Some residents are wary of decorating an apartment home, but that doesn’t have to be the case if you do it correctly. There are many non-permanent options for residents, as well as more permanent ones that you may need permission for. Just have a discussion with your apartment manager if you’re unclear on what the parameters are.
When it comes to hanging décor on your walls, most apartment managers will be more than happy for you to display your art – as long as you’re not planning on making huge craters in the wall. You can easily avoid any DIY mishaps by sticking to these tips:

Find a Stud

The safest and easiest way to hang something on your wall is to find a stud. If you don’t have one already, invest in a stud sensor, which will easily locate where the studs in your wall are located. It’s helpful to know studs tend to be spaced 16 or 24 inches apart. Studs will also be located next to outlets and in corners – some are even horizontally placed.
After finding a stud, simply drill a hole for your screw. Be sure to mark the intended area with a pencil first and be mindful of any wires. Insert the screw and your beloved photographs and art will now be securely hung.

Anchors Away

If there are no studs where you’d like to hang your artwork, there are other options. Drywall alone is often too fragile to hold the weight of large items, so you’ll need drywall anchors. Mark the spot you’d like to display your item and tap the pointed tip of the drywall anchor into the wall with a hammer. Once complete, use a screwdriver until it is flush against the wall. Add in your screw and you’ll able to hang wherever you like. For an extra heavy item, like a mirror or iron artwork, it’s best to have a few drywall anchors to avoid any damage to the wall.

Nailed It!

If you are hanging an item that is relatively light, you can get away with simply using a few nails – especially if the artwork has a wire to hang from. Use a level and a pencil to mark out where you want the nails placed for maximum support. Then, gently hammer in the nails.

Stick It

Lastly, if you’re worried about drilling and nailing holes into your wall, there is a less abrasive option. Installing adhesive strips provides an easy, no-fuss way to hang a plethora of different items. The best thing about these strips is they come off with no damage to the wall – just ensure to follow the instructions correctly.
Making your apartment home your own is one of the best parts about a new space. With these helpful tips, you’ll be sure to decorate your apartment flawlessly.