How to Clean Your Couch

Your couch can be a place to read, a comfy napping spot or your own movie theater. One thing your couch should never be is dirty. But after constant use, it can be easy to gather pet hair, crumbs and even stains on your beloved sofa. Don’t fret! With these helpful tips, you can return your couch to its former glory in no time:


The first (and easiest) step to clean your couch is to use the special attachment on your vacuum to suck up all those nasty crumbs. Take off all of the couch cushions, and vacuum underneath those too. If they’re not removable, get into all the corners and crevices as thoroughly as possible.


Next, wipe down any areas on the couch that are not made from material. Use warm soapy water to do this. This step will make your armrests and furniture legs shine.


Before you clean your couch, it’s important to know what kind of material it’s made from. Look for the furniture tag denoting its fabric type. Often, this tag will also list cleaning instructions with letter codes to signify how to clean the couch appropriately. It’s very important to follow the cleaning directions provided by the manufacturer to prevent damage to the couch.

  • A “W” calls for a water-based detergent.
  • A “S” calls for a water-free detergent or dry cleaning only.
  • A “W/S” calls for a mild detergent or steam vacuum.
  • An “X” calls for a vacuum to clean.


After you understand how your couch should be cleaned, it’s time to get to work. You can opt for a specialized cleaner or make your own. Either way, remember to initially test the cleaner in an inconspicuous area to ensure it won’t do any damage to your couch. If the fabric allows, you can also put your cushion covers in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.

Homemade Cleansers

Homemade cleaners are less expensive and can be a lot kinder to the environment. Here are a few simple recipes:

  • Leather – Leather needs to be treated well. Mix ½ cup olive oil and ¼ cup white vinegar. Pop this mixture into spray bottle and use it to buff the leather and make it shine.
  • Fabric – Use a combination of ¼ cup white vinegar, ¾ cup water and a squeeze of colorless dish soap in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture onto the fabric and blot it on any stains. Next, use a new cloth to rinse with clean water. Then, gently dry with a towel.
  • Synthetic – Create a mixture similar to your fabric cleaner. Mix ½ cup of vinegar, 1 cup of water and a squirt of colorless dish soap in a spray bottle. Spray the stain and blot with a soft cloth. Then rinse and dry.


After cleaning your couch, it’s important to let it dry. You can use a clean, plain towel to gently dry any damp areas. Finally, if the weather is nice enough, open the windows to allow the fabric to air dry completely. This will keep mildew from forming.
Whether you have stains, pet hair or crumbs, these cleaning solutions will make your couch look like new. After implementing these tips, feel free to be a couch potato on your fresh and clean couch.