How to Add Color to Your Apartment Home

Adding a bit of color into your apartment home can make a big difference. It can be an inexpensive and easy way to add character, style, and energy into your home. The great thing is there are a variety of ways to do it! Take a look at some of these ideas to add pops of color to your home:


The easiest way to add some color into your apartment home is paint. You’ll need to check with your apartment manager first before you alter the space. Often, they will say you’ll have to return the colors back to the original paints when you leave. Accent walls are a great option to incorporate a splash of color. If you have a smaller room, like an office or bathroom, try a brighter hue since these spaces can hold strong colors better. You can also paint doors, cabinets, closet doors, and crown molding to add splashes of energy to your home.


If you don’t want the hassle of painting or it isn’t permitted in your apartment home, invest in some brightly colored, abstract art. You can opt for a huge piece that takes up a whole wall, or several smaller items that you can display around a room.

Pillows, Accessories, Throws, and Rugs

Pillows and throws in contrasting colors and patterns are a wonderful, inexpensive way to revitalize your home – not to mention they make it way more comfortable. Experiment with different materials and textures in your living spaces and bedrooms, and don’t be afraid to go bright. When it comes to rugs, think about the shape and size of the room as well as the pattern and color. Choose the right color accessories to complement the style of your home. Vases, plates, frames, light fixtures, flowers, and mirrors are all perfect finishing touches that pull a room together.


If you can’t paint the walls then, why not add color to your furniture? Choose bold items that will offset the current neutral hues of the walls. Folding screens are another great option. Not only do they add color, they can also create the illusion of separation in an open space home.

Temporary Wallpaper

Temporary wallpaper is a great option for those who want to make a bold statement in a temporary manner. This type of decor comes in many different styles and can easily be taken down when needed.

Adding color to your space can transform your apartment home. With these helpful tips, you’ll be sure to have a vibrant new place to call home.