Best Emergency Foods to Keep in Your Apartment

You can never predict a crisis, so a little bit of planning can make all the difference. One of the most significant and valuable ways to ready your home for an emergency is to have a checklist of basic food stuffs. Whether you’re without power, snowed in or stuck in a thunder storm, you’re going to need to eat!

It is important that you stock up on staples. As with all items in your emergency kit, check them regularly to ensure nothing is expired or stale.  Consider packing more food than you think you’ll need. You’d rather be safe than sorry. Also, having a portable gas stove will ensure you can cook food no matter what happens.

1. Water

Make sure you have plenty of bottles of water in case the tap water stops working. Generally, you’ll need one gallon of water per person per day. You might also want to have some powdered drinks that contain rehydration or energy.

2. Dry Goods

Dry goods are a great investment, as they have a long shelf life and can provide a great deal of what you need in terms of carbohydrates. They are also very inexpensive and don’t take up too much space. Brown rice, pasta and noodles are great options. You might also want to have some cereals, but remember you will probably need powdered milk for these too.

3. Canned Goods

Canned goods are another good idea for an emergency pack. They are cheap, don’t spoil, stack easily and provide a lot of nutrients. Canned vegetables, meat, fruits and fish are all good products.

4. Dried Fruits /Nuts

Nuts and dried fruits last for a long time and provide vital vitamins for you and your family – and they taste delicious! Pick your favorite types of nuts and fruits and add them to meals or use them as snacks.

5. Powdered Milk/Eggs

It may not taste the same, but in an emergency situation, this might be your best option. Milk is needed to provide calcium to your bones and can be used with cereals or to create sauces for pasta.  A glass of milk is also a filing option between meals. You can also use eggs for breakfast and as an alternative protein solution.

6. Protein Bars

Finally, protein bars. They contain dense amounts of nutrition and are great for snacking on. They are of course high in protein and can be pretty tasty too!

It’s important to always be prepared in the event of an emergency. With these helpful tips for your emergency food stash, you’ll be sure to stay hydrated and nourished during a crisis.