5 Ways to Puppy Proof Your Apartment

Bringing home a puppy is a jubilant and exciting occasion, however, you want to make sure your curious, energetic bundle of joy is safe – and doesn’t wreck everything you own.

There are certain things you can do to make the transition to a puppy-proof apartment:

1. Puppy Area

Your puppy is going to be extremely curious by nature and will want to explore everywhere in the apartment. That’s fine when you’re there to supervise, but you need to consider what will happen when you’re not. Use baby gates or simply close doors – whatever is preferable. You might want to consider keeping your puppy in an area that has floors that are easily cleaned, such a vinyl or laminate. Have lots of toys and chews around for them, and provide a comfy bed to snuggle and feel safe in when you’re not there. It goes without saying, but you need to protect your pup from a balcony if your apartment has one, so keep the door secured always.

2. Cords and Wire

When puppies are teething, they might be tempted to chew on dangerous objects like cables. The best way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by having the puppy in one area (as mentioned above) and by keeping any wires (like phone chargers) out of reach. If there are some which cannot be moved, then cover them with special materials designed for this purpose.

3. Chewing Candidates

Dogs are likely to give attention to things based on smell, which is why they love to chew your favorite house slippers! If you don’t want furniture gnawed at on a daily basis, apply no-chew spray to areas you think your pup might enjoy chomping on. Think about the size of your puppy and check anything at their eye level. Remove all food and check your houseplants are not poisonous. Additionally, tie up any chords from window blinds so they don’t get caught in them.  

4. Clean

Before your new puppy wreaks havoc on your apartment, make sure it’s clean. That might sound strange, but you don’t want any rogue items making their way into your new pal’s mouth, causing a choking risk. Clean up and check all the floors in your apartment.

5. Cabinets

The last thing you want your puppy finding is any potentially hazardous items from inside your cabinets. Just like baby proofing, secure all ground level cabinets to halt your inquisitive friend. Use childproof latches for this job.

Welcoming a furry friend into your apartment is very exciting! With these tips, you’ll be able to puppy-proof your apartment for your new four-legged roommate’s safety.