4 Cleaning Tips for Pet Owners

You love your furry friend, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you love their mess. Take a look at these top cleaning tips every pet owner should know to make their lives simpler:

1. Pet Hair

Depending on the breed of your pet, hair can be fairly harmless or a daily struggle. It seems to get everywhere, from on your clothes and furniture to in your food. This is not only untidy, but it also raises issues when friends come around who suffer from allergies.  An easy way to remove pet hair from large areas is tape. You can either purchase a lint roller, which is great for clothes, or use duct tape wrapped around a large sponge or roller for furniture.  If your pet enjoys lying in a certain spot, then put a blanket down, which can easily be shaken out and washed when needed. Vacuum regularly or use an electrostatic mop on hardwood materials.

2. Repellant

The best way to ensure no accidents happen is to try and avoid them in the first place. Use natural repellant on furniture you don’t want your pet to chew or scratch.

3. Odors and Stains

Our pets, although loveable, sometimes stink and make messes. There are many different products to use on stains or smelly accidents. You can use specialized sprays with enzymes that eat away at the matter, or more natural alternative like plain vinegar with essential oils. Wash your pet’s bed regularly, as well as their fur and paws if need be. For cats, replace litter frequently and consider a no-mess box.  

4. Grooming

You have a responsibility to groom your pets regularly. For both cats and dogs, they should be regularly brushed of excess hair, as well as washed. You should also get your dog’s claws trimmed so they don’t scratch floors. Cats will need scratching posts or boxes, especially if they are mostly indoors. If you do get scratches on wood, there are ways you can mask them with stain and varnish.

Having your furry friend in your apartment home is fantastic. And with these helpful tips, you’ll be sure to keep your space clean and smelling fresh.