3 Types of Neighbors and How to Deal with Them

One thing you can always count on in apartment home living is neighbors. If you’re lucky, those in your community will be compassionate, understanding and thoughtful. If that isn’t the case, you’ll have to find a way to live alongside them.

Neighbor issues should be handled with delicacy and tact. The last thing you want is a negative atmosphere every time you walk out of the door. You need to balance amicability with your happiness (and sanity). You want to be comfortable in your home, and if your neighbors are preventing this, you need to take action. Read the following advice on how to deal with these three types of neighbors:


Quite possibly the most common and most annoying, a noisy neighbor’s behavior can be further exacerbated by thin walls. There should be some level of understanding when it comes to day-to-day noise and the occasional celebration. However, if it happens to the point where it’s disrupting your life, it’s time to do something about it.

If you know your neighbor plans to throw a party, have a conversation beforehand about how late it’s expected to go, the number of guests and noise levels. If noise is a constant issue, take a look at your lease to check if there are any instructions suggesting quiet times for the community.

Odor Issues

Smells are something that can affect you more than you think. If it’s the smell of cookies baking, that’s nothing to complain about. But if the odor is from cigarettes or old garbage, that’s a different matter. This is a more delicate subject to broach than noise – namely because you might not really know where the smell is coming from. Speak to your apartment manager so they can communicate with the resident or give you advice on how to proceed.


Having a good relationship with your neighbors is an important thing, but sometimes you can find yourself caught up with neighbors who like to meddle or gossip. Perhaps there’s a certain neighbor who feels the need to give you an update on all the happenings each morning when you’re simply trying to head to work. You can easily remedy this in a polite manner by explaining you only have a minute to talk.

With these helpful tips, hopefully you can squish any squabbles with your neighbors. However, if you’ve spoken to your neighbors multiple times about an issue and there’s still no change in their behavior, you may need to take matters further by discussing your grievances with your property manager.