Avesta Partners with Cristo Rey Network


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Avesta has partnered with the Cristo Rey Network to support the building of a 400+ student high school for the inner-city youth of Tampa Bay, Florida.

The partnership was born out of the Avesta team’s desire to serve its neighbors in Tampa through more than just business. The school is only two miles from Avesta’s Tampa office. We made the decision that supporting Cristo Rey’s approach of holistic education of inner-city youth is the best way to empower them to become leaders in our world.

Avesta’s team has already helped the school pass the feasibility study, offered jobs to Cristo Rey students for their Work Study Program, and committed two of Avesta’s partners, Dan French and Monica McInnis, to serve as Chairman and Secretary of the Board of Directors.

We are committed to making the school a success, and helping the youth of Tampa Bay live abundantly.

The work on the high school began in March 2014 when Peter Reynolds made the connection between the Cristo Rey Network and an energetic local minister, Fr. Steve Ryan, SDB, who desired to start a school for under-served youth. Fr. Steve had beautiful grounds on a lake and a wonderful vision, so Avesta’s teammates decided to get behind the initiative to make Fr Steve’s dream a reality.

We were and are excited about this partnership because the high school program delivers a distinctive approach to inner-city education, developing local youth with the knowledge, character, and skills to transform their lives and the communities. Cristo Rey establishes a culture of high expectations by blending rigorous academics, high moral values, and four years of mandatory professional work experience. Students who meet these expectations receive support to and through college.